Direct communication

users can communicate with each other at the touch of a button



The product is easily scalable and is suitable for small and large organizations. We have dedicated servers in Tier 4 data centers in Belgium


Broad Coverage

Users can communicate regardless of their location. Through a mobile network (WIFI, Lee, 4G, 5G)

Cost reduction

Organizations are not forced to build separate infrastructure, such as radio repeaters, antennas, ...


We have a wide range of radios and dispatchers that can withstand tough conditions.

You place one or two SIM cards from the desired provider in the device and can then communicate with your colleagues anywhere. We also offer you multi-network SIM cards, where you can seamlessly switch providers.

Press the PTT button to establish a direct voice connection in your chosen channel. The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh for a long operating time and can be replaced with a full battery if necessary.

Our devices have a channel rotary knob with a similar function to a classic radio.

Our devices run on Android. We offer GMS certified devices with the popular Google apps, APIs and Google Play Store. We can also offer non-certified devices with a customized Android version.

Our management software provides a very accessible environment where you can configure all users, groups and channels. This application is available as a website, Windows application or Android app and is customized according to your needs.

In addition, dispatcher software and dispatcher hardware are available. We can also customize and deliver our software to suit the customer.




TE 620G

TE 620G The Telox TE620G rugged walkie-talkie runs on Android...

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TE 580PD

TE 580PD The TE580PD enables extremely seamless communication and collaboration...

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Te 580 Radioconnect

TE 580

TE 580 TE580 is a smart broadband handheld integrates voice,...

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M6 Radioconnect


M6 With the PTT M6 mobile phone, you communicate efficiently...

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Why use Radioconnect?

Direct communication

Users can communicate with each other by just pressing a button. Instant communication via Push-to-Talk ensures efficiency and is useful for coordinating remote activities or in emergency situations. In addition, the technology offers the opportunity to communicate with different people at the same time.

Broad coverage

Unlike classic Push-to-Talk technologies such as the walkie-talkie, PTToC communication is not limited to a specific area. Because it uses mobile networks, users connected to a mobile network can communicate regardless of their location.

Cost reduction

The technology can save a lot of costs, partly due to its efficiency. Because PTToC relies on data networks, it can help organizations save money on communications costs. In addition, organizations are not forced to build and maintain a separate infrastructure, such as repeaters and frequency licenses.


Depending on the needs of an organization, the number of users and devices can easily be expanded or limited. The product is therefore easily scalable and is suitable for both small and large organizations.